Hundreds of children report police violence at EU borders.

“Testimonies gathered by Save the Children, and its partner in Serbia, found more than 1,350 cases of children being pushed back across European Union borders between January and November this year.

Almost one third of these cases reportedly involved violence inflicted by police or guards at borders. Cases of violence were in particular reported by children travelling alone or separated from their families – in almost half of the over 900 cases, lone children testified about border guards using force to push them back.

Most of the reported pushbacks occurred at the border between Croatia and Serbia, but children we met in Serbia this year reported also push backs from the borders of Bulgaria, Macedonia( FYROM), Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Slovenia.

According to children’s testimonies, some border guards at different borders in the Western Balkans region used pepper sprays on them, took their phones and broke them, stole money from them, forced them to remove clothes and shoes, and set dogs on them. Children and families reported being, in some cases, held in detention without food or water.”

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