Filippinerna: Carry forward the people’s war to greater heights!

Uttalande från Filippinernas kommunistiska parti:

Boldly intensify guerrilla warfare and wage all-out resistance against the US-Duterte fascist regime! Carry forward the people’s war to greater heights!

“The NPA is gathering nationwide momentum for a major advance of the people’s war in the coming years. It is mounting tactical offensives, seizing weapons, and recruiting and training new Red fighters. The NPA is overcoming the all-out offensives of the reactionary armed forces under
Duterte’s declared aim of putting an end to the armed resistance.

Under the Party’s leadership, the NPA is set on accomplishing ever
bigger victories in the coming years. A further sharp economic
downturn threatens to rock the entire ruling system in the Philippines
as the global capitalist system continues to suffer from prolonged depression and is now in the process of plunging into another financial
crisis of unprecedented proportions. Monopoly capitalism is unleashing the worst forms of and exploitation against the toiling masses around the world. Imperialist rivalries over control of spheres of trade and investments are heightening.

By winning more and more victories, the NPA is helping inspire
the oppressed and exploited peoples across the world to take up
arms and wage revolutionary resistance against imperialism and all


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