TKP/ML höll sin första kongress

TKP/ML är som bekant ett maoistiskt parti Turkiet som bedriver en väpnad kamp i vissa områden. De har de senaste åren haft en hård intern tvålinjerskamp och har nyligen hållit sin första kongress.

I ett uttalande från kongressen så skriver de så här om framtidsperspektiven:


It is the time for the one who sits to stand up, for the one who is standing to walk, for the one who walks to run.

It is the time for all those who pin their hopes on the goals of New Democratic Revolution, Socialism and Communism to step forward.

It is the time to raise the Guerrilla Struggle, enhance and embrace the People’s War.

It is the time to unite around the Party that is the command centre of these goals.

It is the time to raise the class struggle, challenge fascism, not to leave any space for within-the-systemism and to make our Party a political force of life.

Our Party is predestined to organize and achieve these goals. It is the time for all party members, militants and sympathizers to use their energies full time. The communists hold the claim to meet this period with their belief in revolution and organize the revolution. The greatest achievement of our Congress is the certain and determined realization of this will.

This will that is portrayed by our Congress promises a determination in the struggle for obtaining freedom in the largest sense, with the goal of New Democratic Revolution to the proletariat of Turkey, to the oppressed strata of peasantry, to the urban petty-bourgeoisie, to the Kurdish and other oppressed nations, to oppressed belief, to the oppressed genders of women and LGBTI, to the popular youth and to all democratic forces. Let our promise to imperialism, fascism, feudalism and all sorts of reactionaries be that they will definitely come to an end and that our Party will never stop and give in, and continue the struggle for this cause with arms at hands.”


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