Internationella reaktioner på konferensen och översättningar av resolutionen

Enhetskonferensen har uppmärksammats på olika håll och översättningar av resolutionen till engelska och danska har gjorts. Ett stort tack till kamraterna som har gjort det!

Kamraterna i Danmark har gjort en översättning som finns här.
Kamraterna i Brasilien la upp en notis som finns här.
De peruanska kamraterna la upp en notis som finns här.
De tyska kamraterna la också upp en notis.

A Revolutionary Communist Party must be reconstituted!

There is no revolutionary communist party in Sweden today. There is no communist party which connects to the revolutionary theory which began with Marx/Engels and the First International, continued with Lenin, Stalin, the Bolshevik Party and the Comintern and developed by Mao Zedong and the Communist Party of China under his leadership and during the ongoing People’s Wars in India, Peru, Turkey and the Philippines. There is no communist party that connects to the revolutionary traditions in Sweden.

The party should not mechanically apply past policies without adhering to a correct principal policy and rejecting what turned out to be wrong policies. By principal policy it is meant a basic policy which is correct regardless of the situation, for example that the Communist Party must be a cadre party, consisting of active members. On the other hand, the members of the Communist Party don’t have to agree on historical issues of academic nature and political detail in advance. There are always going to be contradictions within the Communist Party. The class struggle will, moreover, require that the Communist Party is constantly able to discuss and develop proper lines of action. This means that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism must be creatively applied to the material conditions of today. The Party must reject dogmatism, that is to say, mechanically applying a policy that has been applied on other concrete conditions.

So what principal policy should apply? What sets us apart from revisionist directions such as Trotskyism, Right-Opportunism and Left-Opportunism as well as Anarcho-Syndicalism?

  1. The Party must be a vanguard, a cadre party with active members who apply Democratic Centralism. Centralism, i.e. uniform action achieved by concentrating real ideas in the party through democratic discussion. A Communist Party that applies criticism and self-criticism within its own ranks.
  2. The Party must apply mass line, from the masses to the masses, and work among the masses, including in reactionary and bourgeois mass-organizations if necessary.
  3. The Party must consistently build up a class front and apply the united front method, i.e. strive to unite with as many people as possible on a substantially correct platform in any given class struggle. This may be a battle in the residential areas and in the workplaces or at the national level. The aim is to constantly advance the positions of the party and the working class.
  4. The Party combines the struggle for the everyday demands with the struggle for a socialist revolution. In its propaganda and agitation, the party must show that a socialist society is necessary.
  5. The Party rejects the peaceful parliamentary path to socialism. The bourgeois state apparatus must be crushed by an armed revolution and a dictatorship of the proletariat must be established.
  6. The Party combines illegal and legal methods, a s long as possible, to achieve maximum strength.
  7. The Party must combat all fascist movements and attempts to splinter the working class on ethnic and religious grounds through racism and combat “social-patriotism”.
  8. The Party combats the double oppression of women and promotes a proletarian feminist women’s movement. In addition, the pa rty fights a ll attempts by the bourgeoisie to divide the proletariat on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
  9. The Party applies a revolutionary security policy, which seeks to protect the va st majority of cadres from the bourgeois security service and fascists. The party must be able to survive a strike from the bourgeoisie’s violent apparatus if it is criminalized/banned.
  10. The Party is based on the main contradiction of the proletariat and bourgeoisie in all its work. This main contradiction ca n only be solved through a socialist revolution. The proleta riat is the only consistently revolutionary class, as it stands in a fundamentally irreconcilable
  11. The Party must be a proletarian internationalist party, which consistently supports nationa l liberation and communist movements, especially in neo­ colonial countries in Asia, Africa, America and Eastern Europe. In addition, the party should maintain relations on an equal basis with all revolutionary parties across the world.
  12. The Party must continuously study the world situation, follow the US-China struggle, and must not hesitate to attack these superpowers and other imperialist powers.
  13. The Party must defend the right of all nations to self-determination against greater imperialist states and at the sa me time fight the imperialism of the Swedish bourgeoisie wherever it appears.
  14. The Party must study the experiences of socialist construction, in particular the Soviet Union and China, the seizure of revisionism and the transformation of these states into capitalist a nd imperialist states.It is clea r that the class struggle continues under socialism. A communist society assumes that capitalism and imperialism have been wiped out in the world. At the same time, the starting point is that a socialist Sweden can only be based on the particula r historically conditioned conditions in Sweden.
  15. A true line ca n only be formed in the fight a ga inst wrong lines. Therefore, a communist party under construction must wa ge an ideological and theoretical struggle against bourgeois ideology of all kinds, especially within the proletariat, whether it takes the form of reformism, revisionism, trotskyism, right- or left-opportunism. Towards the masses, who are the real heroes, the Communist Party takes a humble attitude and listens to criticism a nd is prepared to practice self-criticism in the event of committing errors.

Unanimously adopted at the “Unity conference” in November 2019.


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