Mexikanska maoister håller framgångsrikt möte

Mexikanska maoister från Sol Rojo (Röda solen) anordnade ett framgångsrikt möte med kamrater från hela landet. Organisationen utvärderade det förra årets arbete och förberedde nya kampanjer. Nedan följer ett uttalande från organisationen på engelska:

!On the bygone January 19, 2020, we SolRojistas have held our Statewide Assembly. In it we have reviewed our forces and analyzed the report of the tasks that have been developed during 2019. Our Statewide Assembly has given us with Plan of Work, a Plan of Action and a Plan of Combat and Struggle for 2020which are subject to our class principles, democratic principles and revolutionary principles, oriented along the program of the agrarian and anti-imperialist New Democratic Revolution, that goes uninterrupted towards Socialism.

This Statewide Assembly has ratified our preparedness to continue the route on the path of the democratic path of the proletariat, the poor peasantry and the broadest and deepest masses.

Likewise, in the framework of the struggle for daily demands in service of power, we emphasize the demand to comply to and fulfill of our Five Central Points, highlighting the demand for the presentation of our comrade Doctor Ernesto Sernas García alive and the punishment of the practical and theoretical heads behind the assassination of our comrade Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino.


SolRojista, sí señor!
With the Sol Rojo, the people will win!”



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